10.04.06: Submitted two proposals for Asian tsunami memorial in Norway. Results to be announced early May. Details to follow.

03.10.05: Commencing working for Nordplan, Ålesund.

16.09.05: Finishing working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

Autumn 2004: Started working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

01.07.04: Graduation Ceremony inMcEwan Hall, Edinburgh.

15.05.04: Individual Design Project completed! Cemetary extension at Møllendal, Bergen. Full story...

15.04.04: Dissertation completed! Title of the paper is "Cruise Control."

20.12.03: Peterhead regeneration project completed! Full story...

01.10.03: One week sketch design completed! Proposal for Chaumont-sur-Loire garden festival 2004, with theme: "Order, Chaos and Confusion" in the garden. Full story...



I became interested in landscape architecture during the period I was working for Meland Golfklubb; from 1996 to 1998.

At the time, life seemed to revolve around golf, and during the building of the course I learned a lot about the game; not only from a playing point of view, but also the design side.

Having left the job, I started to look into how I myself might pursue a carreer in golf course design. Whilst searching the Internet for golf course architects, I learned that quite a few of the practicioners were in fact landscape architects. The architects Meland golfclub used for their course, PGA Golf Management (today PGA Design Consultancy) were themselves educated as landscape architects. Hence, I started to search for landscape architecture as well.

This lead me to Edinburgh College of Art's homepage several times, and one day I called them. I was admitted into the course within a week of speaking to them, and was told that the course started the very same day. Therefore I would have to get myself to Edinburgh as soon as possible.

At the end of this experience, I must admit it has been the best I have ever had in my life - I would even have liked to do it all over again!

It should also be mentioned that having completed the five year course in Edinburgh, my focus has changed from golfcourse architecture to landscape architecture in general. A "tiny wee" paradox may also be that I have only played one round of golf during my four years of living in Edinburgh.

The image above shows hole number eight on Meland Golfklubb's course during the summer of 2000, when I worked with maintenance on the course during the summer holidays.


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