chaumont-sur-loire how the concept works

Chaumont-sur-Loire is an annual garden festival in France.

Each years festival has its own particular theme.

The theme for the 2004 festival was order, chaos and confusion in the garden. At the beginning of the final year of study, we "kicked off" with this project as a one week sketch design. This was done in order to get the grey matter working again after working for a year.

In my proposal, I endeavour to highlight that what is order for us humans, may not be order for mother nature. In contrast, what is order for nature, may seem as chaos for us!

Consequently, the plot was divided into two contrasting halves. One was to use local garden soils, be fertilized, and then left to develop unattended. The other half consisted of a highly maintained lawn, perceived by humans as perfect order. This order is very confusing for the plants growing there, programmed by nature to develop in a different way.


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