møllendal detailed circulation

Above animation is illustrating how the area around the proposed new chapel, overlooking the cemetery extension, works. The image with red and green vehicles and arrows, indicate two funeral parties. The group indicated in red has finished and are leaving the chapel. Green group is arriving and gathering in the chapel's waiting lounge. There is a space people can gather outside, if the weather is fine.

The next image show the green group being finished and is leaving, and the next group inicated in blue, is arriving. There is no interference between the two.

The image with numbers illustrate how a typical funeral party will arrive by car (1), proceed to the carpark (2), gather behind the hearse (3) and march onto the cemetery (4), where the ceremony is held (5).

As shown in the final slide, there is no interference between this group shown in orange and any other party assembled at the chapel (indicated in grey). Furthermore, the carpark provided for the cemetery also act as an overspill carpark for the chapel.


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