møllendal detail plan

To the left is the area I selected to detail up and prepare construction details for.

It clearly shows that I ran out of time...

A lot of time went into preparation of the masterplan. Although our tutors told us that we should start looking at details, I put this part off until about two weeks prior to final hand-in/pinup. That was just too late!

I feel there is nothing wrong with the ideas behind the design intervention, however I have not given myself enough time to work it up to the same standard as the masterplan.

I feel the sections, shown on the following pages are up to par. But the design portfolio is a whole package. The plan shown on this page is one of the plans that was scrutinized the most by my tutors during the final presentation. Perhaps because they had not seen it previously. Another reason might be that it was too apparent to them that enough time had not been spent in preparing it.

The best advice that may be given to students in later years is that they should not make the same mistake I did. Do not concentrate on only one item at the time. Work on several scales at the same time. This will reflect on your final results.

Another thing that comes to mind, is that towards the end of the year, I felt I had so many ideas in my head that I would have liked to communicate. However time ran out, and I was not able to work them all up to be presented in graphical form.


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