møllendal masterplan

The masterplan completed and finally rendered was not complete until very early June. I was not prepared for the amount of time it would take to get it completed. Had I been aware of this in advance, I would have been able to work more and get more design details prepared. As it were, unfortunatley I did not have time to get all my ideas conveyed onto paper and presented for the final examinations. Another lesson learned...

Important for the decisions leading up to the final prepared masterplan include: framing of views from Møllendalsveien towards the cemetery and Store Lungegårdsvann, create an ambience within the carparks, so people feel they arrive at a tranquil place, create areas of light and shade, make the path crossing through the cemetery distinct from the rest of it. Finally endeavour to make the new proposal to sit as good as possible in the existing and surrounding landscape.


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