møllendal sectional elevations

A terrain model was made in order to get to grips with the site.

Through study of this, it was realized the character of the "amphitheatre" created by the hills surrounding it.

Additionally, sectional elevations were prepared to view the terrain profiles against the backdrop formed by the mountains surrounding Bergen.

Since a cemetery is a stage where one of the main rites in our society takes place, it is important to create a scene worthy for these ceremonies.

A cemetery is a place of remembrance, but also an important green space within the urban fabric. In addition to being a place where people go to remember their loved ones, it may also have a function as a park for the local community.

Further reflections may be made: what types of monuments will be permitted? Shall it be up to anyone to decide how each and every headstone will be in material, form and shape? This proposal take the view that in birth everyone is equal. Therefore, when passing away, all men and women shall also be equal. To reflect this, only one type of headstones will be allowed. This will contribute towards a design held together, not only in the big structures, but also down to the smallest item, such as the lettering on the headstones.

The image shows three sectional elevations prepared, together with model photos where a red line indicate where the section is taken.


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