peterhead detail proposals

As soon as each student had prepared overall strategies for their selected site, everyone was asked to come forward with more detailed proposals.

Our tutors described what they were looking for as a series of sheets which, together might form what may best be described as a "visual brief."

We were not asked to go into any detailed design proposals, but were still asked to present graphically what a finalized proposal might eventually look like.

The normal graphic styles were asked for: plan, more detailed areas, visualisations in form of sections and perspectives.

The image on the left shows the area of Keith Inch, site fot the first recorded settlements in Peterhead - today used for shipping related purposes. As previously explained, following reduction in acitvities, these areas are proposed developed into museum and housing developments.

The site offers extreme panoramic views over the North Sea. It is also exposed to the natural forces of high winds, and living here will not be for the faint-hearted!


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