EOTM are all letters representing the four questions we were asking at the various beansites:

E being Erasure

O being Origination

T being Transformation

M being Migration

According to Mr. Bunschoten, all of these processes are taking place at any given place at any given time.

Erasure: something is taken away. Demolished, Moved, or whatever,as long as it is gone!

Origination: the reason transformation takes place. It can be legislation, it can be a wish something to replace what was there. You as visitor to the site find out what the reason is.

Transformation: the nature of the alteration that is resulting from the Erasure and the Origination.

Migration: As a consequence of the aforementioned three, something has to move. Either on to the site, or off it. You, the visitor to the site are the judge of what you recon it is. It can be seen (a car moving) or unseen (radio waves).

The next level in the methodology is identifying actors and agents that are involved in each of the processes as identified above.

The persons on the picture above are Raoul Bunshoten to the left and Eelco Hooftman in the lower right corner, probably busy recording the events for posterity. I think the back may be that of Ross McLean, another tutor for our year on the Peterhead project, however, I am not 100% certain.

If you wish to have a look at the various locations visited and information gathered during the EOTM process, klick here.



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