peterhead project explanation

When undertaking the Peterhead regeneration project, the college wanted us students to employ the methodology of Raoul Bunshoten of CHORA.

The college have been asking the final year students to apply this methodology on one of their final year's student's projects for the past few years.

The difference this year, as opposed to the previous ones, was that Mr. Bunshoten himself had recently been engaged by the city of Peterhead to come up with a landscape-architecture-driven proposal for regeneration of the area. ECA therefore elected to bring along us as their final year students on-board, in collaboration with Mr. Bunshoten acting as a lecturer for the project.

Our fieldwork would form the base for Mr. Bunshoten's information on the area, thus forming the base from which he would carry out his analysis and subsequent proposals. At the same time, the very same information would form the base from which we elected to make our own design proposals.

The lecturers at the college later told us that by involving Mr. Bunshoten, and having him explain his methods to us, had given us a much better understanding of what his principles encompassed, as compared to earlier year students.

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