staging diagrams

As a result of the work so far, I decided to move forward and propose the building of a North Sea Exploration Heritage Centre, modeled on the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. It further involved demolition of old, derelict and run down buildings around the harbor basin. They are to be replaced immediately by a combination of new housing developments.

Whilst we were visiting Peterhead, we checked for tourist attractions in the town of Peterhead, and found none! If Peterhead is to have any success in the future, it needs a diverse range of attractions on offer - including for tourists.

As Peterhead has historically been a major actor in the fisheries industry, as well as a service provider for the North Sea Oil Industry, there is definitely a story to be told there.

In the event Peterhead want to place itself on the map for other things than high crime rates, smuggling and drugs, such a heritage centre may be one way of creating an attraction that people will want to see. Other regeneration may be spurred on by this flagship development. It has been done previously in Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum, hence why not in Peterhead in Scotland as well? A new cruise liner terminal is also proposed to tap into the cruise market potential (golf, whisky-trail, etc.).

The above animation shows existing structures in grey. Once marked in orange, they are set for demolition. Replacement structures are marked in yellow (housing), blue (North Sea Heritage Centre) and light blue (new cruise ship terminal).


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