After a lot of data had been gathered in the field and later collated, we began to look at various processes and systems at work in the area. It was recognized that there has been great changes in the way man is exploiting nature. Shipping has changed in nature from sailing vessels, via steamships to modern diesel-powered and highly effective production units.

It became apparent even prior to going to Peterhead, that the town suffers with high crime rates. A lot of people have been made redundant as a result of scrapped fishing vessels. Other vessels still plying the waters switch to other trades, smuggling being one of them.

By looking at historic records, we discovered that smuggling has quite a long history in this area, and most contraband goods have come from the sea. These days, the smuggled goods include TV's that are "exported," illegal immigrants as well as drugs.

By forcing the data gathered into the EOTM format, we moved the project along according to CHORA's principles.

(It is also extremely annoying to use very large type, only to discover that you are not able to spell for instance "trafficking" correctly - to select a word completely at random!)



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