10.04.06: Submitted two proposals for Asian tsunami memorial in Norway. Results to be announced early May. Details to follow.

03.10.05: Commencing working for Nordplan, Ålesund.

16.09.05: Finishing working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

Autumn 2004: Started working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

01.07.04: Graduation Ceremony inMcEwan Hall, Edinburgh.

15.05.04: Individual Design Project completed! Cemetary extension at Møllendal, Bergen. Full story...

15.04.04: Dissertation completed! Title of the paper is "Cruise Control."

20.12.03: Peterhead regeneration project completed! Full story...

01.10.03: One week sketch design completed! Proposal for Chaumont-sur-Loire garden festival 2004, with theme: "Order, Chaos and Confusion" in the garden. Full story...


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