10.04.06: Submitted two proposals for Asian tsunami memorial in Norway. Results to be announced early May. Details to follow.

03.10.05: Commencing working for Nordplan, Ålesund.

16.09.05: Finishing working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

Autumn 2004: Started working for Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Marsden.

01.07.04: Graduation Ceremony inMcEwan Hall, Edinburgh.

15.05.04: Individual Design Project completed! Cemetary extension at Møllendal, Bergen. Full story...

15.04.04: Dissertation completed! Title of the paper is "Cruise Control."

20.12.03: Peterhead regeneration project completed! Full story...

01.10.03: One week sketch design completed! Proposal for Chaumont-sur-Loire garden festival 2004, with theme: "Order, Chaos and Confusion" in the garden. Full story...

curriculum vitae

I have prepared two different Curriculum Vitae's, one in Norwegian and one in English. They are both available as downloads in PDF-format, and you are invited to download them for your perusal. Please click on the relevant link below:


Norwegian CV  
English CV
Updated 03.08.2005  
Not currently available
Click here to view  


It is the intention that the new Norwegian CD be printed on twosides of an A4 sheet, then cut to CD-cover format and folded, so it effectively becomes a tiny booklet.


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