møllendal sectional elevations C and D

The above animation shows the final two of the four sectional elevations prepared. They are both describing how this part of the cemetery extension are supposed to be constructed, however not what one would have to provide a builder with..!

Then, whilst at college - at least an art college - one is not expected to make production of construction drawings. Rather, what is asked for are "beautiful" renderings that will also illustrate some construction techniques to be employed - if your proposal were to be built. And that is what you see above. The main purpose was to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the various scales such a project involves.

Our landscape technician, Andy Hillhouse was a great help in volutering advice whilst I was preparing the above. His help, guidance, knowledge of people (even annoying football kids in the courtyard outside our studio) has been helpful beyond words! The fact that I was also able to enjoy the occational fag and good banter in your office, is appreciated. The bottle of (rather guid) whisky proved an excellent investment! I know you enjoyed it too... Thank you, Andy!

Graham, Jenny, John and Colvin in ECA student union also needs mentioning. You always had time to see me and talk to me be it big problems, or small. Also big thanks for free admission to all the revels for me and invited guests!

Margaret (Dingsdale) and Janeth (Black,) staff in the School of Landscape Architecture must also be praised. Without their efforts, it is unlikely the school would have functioned properly. Simple as that!

Marena (Chapman) in the computer lab is an absolute darling! There has been no occation during my years of study where you have not had a second (or more) to help me. Thank you again!

To John (Murray), Sally (Butler), Eelco (Hooftman), Kenny (Fraser) and Chris (Rankin): thanks for interesting (and sometimes difficult) projects! A lot of effort have gone into challenging us as individuals! Choosing good projects to for us to work on can not have been easy. I recognize your good efforts, guidance, interest in us as your students, as individuals, in our projects, and as future fellow professionals. Again: THANK YOU!

Bruce Coltman in finance kept chasing me for payment of tuition and other fees. However you did so in a nice way. Thanks for bearing with me.

I shall also be forever grateful to my former colleagues at Arkitektgruppen Cubus for providing me with .dwg files of the site, aerial photographs, as well as photgraphs of the study area in question. Without these, working on a site in Bergen from the studio in Edinburgh would not have been as easy and not at least as enjoyable. Thank you very much indeed!

Finally, huge thanks to Sally Butler, John Murray and Catherine Ward Thompson for taking me on and applying common sense about admission criteria. I know money talks, but you were all keen, forthcoming and above all practical!


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