peterhead detail proposals contd.

Shown to the left is a bird's eye sketch of how the new development may look once complete.

Housing is re-introduced on Keith Inch together with the new North Sea Exploration Heritage Centre and the new cruise liner terminal. Fisheries related buildings have been removed, and are replaced with open areas for storage of off-shore equipment and supplies.


The image on the left shows my impression of how the proposed North Sea Exploration Heritage Cetre might look like.

On the first trip to Peterhead, we had to stop in Aberdeen for an hour, and the bus driver took us to one of the old parts of the city of the northern lights.

Right on the beach, there was a small community, sheltered behind an old sea wall made out of grey Aberdonian granite. The shape of the wall was clearly a combination of form and function. Gently curved up from the beach to deflect big waves at spring tides, thus protecting all the structures nesting behind it. The same design principles might be employed just inside the reefs in Peterhead. A new structure in modern materials may contrast and complement the reefs just outside it, shaped by thousands of years of selection of materials: essentially, survival of the fittest.

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