møllendal project explanation

Mølledal is located on the south-eastern edge of Store Lungegårds- vann. This waterbody has been the "back-yard" of Bergen, and has not been recognized as an asset for the city. That is until the last few years.

The image above is taken from Fjellveien, "The mountain Road," and show how Møllendal today is suffering from being a place where the local council have located services that no-one really want to accommodate within the urban fabric.

You find old (and today derelict) installations for collecting garbage. Areas on the site have been used for temprary installations. There is a helipad for landing incoming choppers with patients for Haukeland Sykehus (they saved my sister's life once when she had meningitis) - so I don't mind too much... But care I do!

A local facility for collecting rubbish is located here as well. And it is all bordering the site where th present cemetery is located.



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